Lifting hazard – Maytag MAL2000AXW User Manual

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5. Level the riser front to back and side to side

before installing the washer and dryer.
Loosen the locknut above the foot and the leg
will unscrew to lift or screw in to lower. Once
the riser is level, tighten the lock nuts on the
legs up against the bottom of the riser.

5 Inches



6. Tilt each laundry product forward and mea-

sure how far down the rear legs are from the
bottom of the unit. (Approximately 1 inch)
Loosen the legs and extend them to the same
height on all legs for both products. Once
satisfied, tighten the lock nuts on the rear legs
up against thebase of the appliances and
insure the rubber feet are in place.

7. Install the washer first, unless the dryer venting

requires special handling. If venting is more
challenging, install the dryer first then the
washer. The washer and dryer can be in-
stalled on either end of the riser.

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4



The Wall

* Note the squares on the top surface.

Figure 1




Single person lift

could cause injury.

Use assistance when

moving or lifting.

Lifting hazard.

Placing The Washer On The Riser:

1. With an assistant, tilt the washer forward and ,

lift the product carefully and set the unit on
the riser. Figure 3 & 4

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