Loading, Lower rack, Continued) – Maytag MDB6650AWW User Manual

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Lower Rack

A variety of large items such as dinner plates, mixing bowls, pots and pans and baking dishes can be loaded in this rack.

3 saucers
are loaded
on the rack
under the

With the Stack-Rack shelf (select models) raised, thin
items like cookie sheets or pizza pans may be placed
along the left side. With the shelf down, two levels of
glasses and cups can be loaded.



Tall items such as bakeware and large platters can be
placed on the left side or across the back of this rack.

10 Place Settings

Convertible tines in the back, right corner can be adjusted
to provide narrow spacing for loading plates or wide
spacing for loading deep bowls, pots or pans. Flip tines
up for narrow spacing or down for wider spacing.

Positioning the Fold-Away

tines (select models) flat in

the back, left corner provides convenient loading space for
large, bulky items like pots and pans or mixing bowls.



Note: Face soiled surfaces towards the center of the

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