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Dishwasher Will Not Fill:

• Be sure door is latched securely.
• Be sure the water is turned on.
• Check that the pad is properly selected for a cycle.
• Allow time to pause before filling.
• Check your home‘s circuit breaker or fuse box.
• Check inlet hose for a kink.
• Check water valve inlet for sediment and clean if necessary.

Dishwasher Will Not Drain/Water In Tub Bottom:

• If hooked up to a food waste disposer, be sure the knock-out is removed from the disposer inlet.
• Be sure the drain hose is elevated at least 32” so water cannot siphon back into the tub.
• Check for food obstruction in the drain or disposer.
• Check drain hose for a kink.
• Check your home‘s circuit breaker or fuse box.
• Check that the cycle is completed.

Dishwasher Adds Water at END of Cycle:

• This is normal. The Auto Clean (select models) sensor in the pump must stay submerged so a short fill of water is added after the cycle’s

last drain.

Detergent Cup Is Not Empty:

• Check that the cycle is completed.
• Be sure dispenser is not blocked by a dish or utensil.
• Use fresh detergent stored in a cool, dry place.

Dishwasher Seems Noisy:

• A water valve hiss during fill is normal.
• Water circulation sounds are normal.
• A thumping sound may be a wash arm bumping an item that is extending beyond the racks.
• Chopping or grinding sounds may be heard during drain as the internal food disposer chops hard items like fruit seeds, nuts, etc.
• Humming during the drain is normal.
• A snap noise is the detergent cup lid hitting the door liner when the dishwasher door is opened at the end of the cycle. This is normal.
• Proper installation affects the noise level.

Cycle Takes Too Long (Heating Delay Light Stays On):

• Tough Scrub

or Tough Scrub

Plus (select models) or Sanitize (select models) has been selected and the cycle is extended to heat water.

• Check to see that the incoming water temperature is 120-140° F (49-60° C).

Dishwasher has an Odor:

• Run dishes being held in the dishwasher through a Rinse Only cycle.
• Many dishwashers have a “new” smell when first installed. This will dissipate with use.
• Dishwasher may not be draining properly. (See “Dishwasher Will Not Drain” section.)
• For a strong odor, place baking soda in both sides of the detergent cup. Select Light Wash and allow the water to circulate for about 10 min-

utes. Interrupt the cycle by unlatching the door and let it stand overnight. Restart the dishwasher by latching the door and allow it to com-
plete the cycle. A commercial dishwasher cleaning product such as Jet-Dry Dishwasher Cleaner* can also be used.

Dishwasher Leaks:

• Check that the dishwasher is level. (Refer to the Installation Instructions.)
• Suds can cause the dishwasher to overflow. Measure the detergent carefully and use only detergents designed for use in a dishwasher. Less

detergent is needed in soft water. Try another brand if sudsing continues.

• Follow directions closely on how to add a forgotten item (pg. 7).
• Be sure the Rinse Aid lid is securely attached and not leaking.

Display Time Suddenly Drops or Increases by Several Minutes (select models):

• This is normal when the Auto Clean cycle (select models) is selected and the dishwasher decides to skip or add a drain and refill.


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