Important safety instructions, Save these instructions for future reference – Maytag MDB6657AWB User Manual

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To reduce the risk of injury when loading items to be
washed, sharp or pointed items should be located with
the handles up. Also, load sharp items so they are not
likely to damage the door seal.


Do not touch the heating element on the bottom of the
tub during or at the completion of a cycle. It will be hot.


Use only detergents and rinse additives designed for an
automatic dishwasher. Never use soap, laundry deter-
gent, or hand washing detergent in your dishwasher.
Keep these products out of reach of children.

10. Do not sit, stand on or abuse the door or dish racks of

the dishwasher.

11. Under certain conditions, hydrogen gas may be pro-

duced in a hot water system that has not been used for
two weeks or more.

Hydrogen gas is explosive. If the

hot water system has not been used for such a period,
turn on all hot water faucets and let the water flow from
each for several minutes. This will release any accumu-
lated hydrogen gas. As the gas is flammable, do not
smoke or use an open flame during this process.

12. Do not wash plastic items unless marked “dishwasher

safe” or the equivalent. For plastic items not so marked,
check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

13. Do not tamper with controls.

14. To prevent accidental child entrapment and suffocation

risks, always remove the door to the washing compart-
ment when removing an old dishwasher from service or
discarding it.

15. Use caution when unloading the dishwasher. Dishes will

be hot if unloaded shortly after a cycle has completed.

Check with the installer to make sure the appliance
has been properly grounded to avoid possible elec-
trical shock. Be sure you read the Important
Personal Safety Instructions before you use this



Products with a label have been listed with Underwriter’s
Laboratories, Inc. – those with a CSA tag have been listed
with Canadian Standards Association. Nevertheless, as with
any other equipment using electricity and moving parts,
there is a potential hazard.


Read all instructions before using the dishwasher.


Use the dishwasher only for its intended function.


Disconnect electrical power to dishwasher before
attempting to service.


To avoid electrical shock hazard, the sides and back
must be enclosed and the front panels must be
attached before electrical power is applied to the
dishwasher. Refer to the installation instructions for
proper grounding procedures.


Connect to a properly rated, protected and sized
power supply circuit to avoid electrical overload.


Children should never be permitted to operate, or
play in, with, or around this dishwasher.

When using your dishwasher, follow basic precau-
tions, including the following:


Save These Instructions for Future Reference


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