Quantum Composers Channel Multiplexing User Manual

Channel multiplexing

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Channel Multiplexing

One of the more unique features of the Quantum Composer pulse generators is the ability to combine the

timing of any or all channels together and output them out of any of the output BNCs. The multiplexing function
(MUX) can be set through remote communications via a computer or from the front panel of most units.

The MUX feature is available on all of the standard Quantum Composer voltage output pulse generators from

the price minded Sapphire series (9200 model) to the feature rich 9520 series. The feature operates the same in
all of the models and the setup for the MUX feature is identical across the different product lines. The MUX
feature combines the timing parameters (width and delay settings) of multiple channels together on one output
to create complex pulse train outputs. The output channel selected can also add its timing to the final output
train (Fig. 1). The third pulse of the combined pulse output (Channel 4 in Fig. 1) is generated by that specific
channel’s settings.

Fig. 1

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