Quantum Composers 9732 Parallel Configuration User Manual

Scope, Theory

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9732 Parallel Configuration for Increased Current Output

NOTE: If the proper diodes are not implemented (outlined below), damage may occur resulting in a void of

warranty. If in doubt, contact Quantum Composers for additional information.


This document overviews the basic theory and operation pertaining to wiring output channels A & B in parallel for
the purpose of increasing output current.


The 9732 Series Current Generator allows for the outputs on Channels A & B to be wired together in a parallel
configuration; thus, potentially allowing for current levels up to 12 Amps through the load. This can be
accomplished ONLY with the implementation of 2 external blocking diodes. When operating in this mode, the
limitations on each channel remain constant; although, the current settings will now be additive through the
load. The user may also incorporate a “piece-wise” current waveform by properly altering the pulse widths and

The following example setup represents the potential capabilities of this configuration:

Channel Parameters

Load Parameters

Diode Characteristics

CHA: Amplitude = 5 Amps Impedance ≤ 3 Ω (includes cabling)

Forward Voltage Drop ≤ 1V

CHA: Width = 0.0001000 s

Reverse Voltage Breakdown ≥ 30V

CHA: Delay = 0 s

DC Current Rating ≥ 30A

CHB: Amplitude = 5 Amps

CHB: Width = 0.0001000 s

CHB: Delay = 0 s

Figure 1- Parallel Schematic Representation Figure 2 – Resulting Current Waveforms