Dell 2335DN User Manual

Significant new features in this release

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Open Manage Printer Manager – Release Notes

Package Release Numbering: 1.2

The following is the format for release/version numbers:

<ProductID>.<Major Version>.<Minor Release>.<Maintenance

Release>.<Build #>

When contacting Customer Support, please refer to the complete release number
for components , which is in the Help > About Box. The versions mentioned
below refer to component versions rather than the package.

Significant New Features in This Release

New or recent features in OMPM include the following:

• The following are newly supported models.

Dell 3130cn

Dell 2130cn

Dell 2135cn

Dell 2335dn

Dell 5330dn

• The following non-Dell printers are also supported in this version: HP1505,

HP2015, HP3035, HP3505, Lexmark642, Lexmark644, Lexmark646,
Lexmark770, Xerox8550, Samsung650.

• You can now filter displays to show groups.

• This OMPM version is upgradable from OMPM v1.1

• Email setup is improved (you can now send e-mail notices without editing a

text file with your e-mail information).

• You can now use wildcards in the Discovery IP ranges.

• Usage trend reports have been enhanced.


For a complete look at the new functionality, consult the User Guides. Highlights
of the new functionality in this release include the following:

Topology improvements —Improved labeling with zoom, Improved con-

trols, Display customization and dockable screens, Export Views

• Microsoft Vista® and Server 2008 support

• Graphical report enhancements.

• Improved Managers

• A UseridConstraint category is now in the application security policy. It has

one property: Minimum Userid Length. The default value is 0. (31453)

• E-mail notifications from events can now include subjects with variables

(SourceIP, Name, and so on). Consult the User Guide for specifics. (24746)

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