Troubleshooting, Problem solution – Haan SLIM & LIGHT SI-35 User Manual

Page 13

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Vibration sound last lon-
ger than 60 seconds.

White spot left on floor.

Unit does not emit steam.

Water left on floor.

Unit not operating.

• Add water to the water tank.
• Ensure that water tank is inserted correctly in unit.

• When cleaning do not leave unit in one spot for too long.
• Use protector pad / floor mat when unit is ON and stationary.
• Use distilled water instead of hard tap water.
NOTE: To remove spot, use a damp cloth with a few drops of white vinegar
to rub and remove stain.

• Ensure water tank is filled with water.

• Change the Ultra-microfiber pad.
• Ensure unit is always level and parallel to the floor.

• Ensure plug is set firmly in outlet.
• Replace fuse or reset breaker.