Haan SLIM & LIGHT SI-35 User Manual

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Q: Can the HAAN Floor Sanitizer be used on laminate flooring?

A: Yes. Your floor sanitizer was designed to be gentle on delicate flooring, yet power-
ful enough to penetrate stains and kill harmful germs and bacteria.

Q: How long can an Ultra-microfiber Pad be used until it needs to be changed?

A: The pad should be changed every 10 minutes, or when it becomes saturated with
water. The unit will become harder to push with a overly wet pad.

Q: How long does a tank of water last?

A: A full tank will last approximately 20-25 minutes.

Q: Sometimes my floor sanitizer becomes hard to push - why?

A: If the unit is hard to push its likely because the Ultra-microfiber Pad is too wet or
the angle at which you are using the machine is too high.

Q: How do you use the Carpet Glide for my carpet?

A: The carpet glide is to be used without the Ultra-microfiber Pad and can be attached
directly to the unit.

Q: Does the HAAN work on pet stains?

A: Yes, the HAAN is able to spot clean fresh pet stains by loosening and lifting the

Q: How can I prolong the life of my HAAN?

A: To maintain the life of your unit, we recommend using the Fresh Rinse once a

Q: Will the HAAN Floor Sanitizer clean grout?

A: Yes, but it needs a little help. If you glide your HAAN over the problem areas and
then scrub with your Ultra-microfiber Pad, it should effectively clean your grout.

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