Operating instructions care & maintenance, Important, Caution – Haan SLIM & LIGHT SI-35 User Manual

Page 6: Helpful hints

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Operating Instructions

Care & Maintenance


Turn your floor sanitizer off and unplug from

the electrical outlet.


Wrap power cord around cord hangers.


Let your floor sanitizer cool for five (5) minutes

before removing the ultra-microfiber pad and

before emptying the water tank.


Always empty the water tank when you have

finished using your floor sanitizer.


Never leave ultra-microfiber pad on floor

sanitizer when you have finished using it.

Always remove the ultra-microfiber pad and

wash in warm water with a mild detergent.

Never use bleach or fabric softener when

cleaning the ultra-microfiber pad.

The ultra-microfiber pad can be washed in a

washing machine and dried in a clothes

dryer but on low heat.

To decrease pad wear, we recommend the

pad be hung to dry for 24 hours.


Wipe your floor sanitizer with a damp cloth to

clean. Never immerse the sanitizer in water

or any other liquid.


In order to keep your floor sanitizer in good

condition, we recommend that you clean the

water tank once a month to eliminate calcium

deposits. Add eight ounces (8 oz) of water to

the water tank and insert 1 packet of Fresh

Rinse™ Lime and Scale Remover. Shake to

loosen any deposits. Place unit on resting

mat without pad, turn unit on and allow water

to steam until water in tank is depleted. Do

not use vinegar or other decalcifying

substances in the floor sanitizer

water tank.


Always ensure that your
floor sanitizer is
UNPLUGGED from the

wall receptacle prior to
cleaning or emptying the
water tank.


Do not immerse your
floor sanitizer in water
or any other liquid.

Helpful Hints


Always use a vacuum or sweep before

sanitizing your floors.


The easiest way to use the machine is to

tilt the handle to a 45º angle and clean

slowly 2-3 yards at a time.


Always operate floor
sanitizer by gripping
the handle. Do not
grip by the pole.