Honeywell STR12D User Manual

St 3000 smart transmitter, Specification and model selection guide, Series 100 remote diaphragm seals models

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ST 3000 Smart Transmitter

Series 100 Remote Diaphragm Seals Models

STR12D 0-10 to 0-400 inH


O 0-25 to 0-1000 mbar

STR13D 0-5 to 0-100 psid

0-0.35 to 0-7 bar

STR14G 0-5 to 0-500 psig

0-0.35 to 0-35 bar

STR17G 0-100 to 0-3000 psig 0-7 to 0-210 bar
STR14A 0-5 to 0-500 psia

0-0.35 to 0-35 bar



Specification and

Model Selection


In 1983, Honeywell introduced the first
Smart Pressure Transmitter― the ST


. In 1989, Honeywell launched

the first all digital, bi-directional protocol

for smart field devices. Today, its ST

3000 Series 100 Remote Seal

Transmitters continue to bring proven
“smart” technology to a wide spectrum

of measurement applications. Typical

applications include high accuracy level

measurement in pressurized vessels in

the chemical and hydrocarbon
processing industries. A second

application consists of accurate flow

measurement for slurries and high

viscosity fluids in the chemical industry.

Honeywell remote seal transmitters
demonstrate proven reliability in

hundreds on installations in a wide

variety of industries and applications

with a wide variety of secondary fill

fluids for corrosive or high temperature
process fluids.

All ST 3000 transmitters can provide a

4-20 mA output, Honeywell Digitally
Enhanced (DE) output, HART



or F


Fieldbus output.

When digitally integrated with

Honeywell’s Process Knowledge


ST 3000 instruments provide a more

accurate process variable as well as

advanced diagnostics.

Honeywell’s high-performance ST 3000

S100 transmitters lead the industry in:

• Accuracy

• Stability

• Reliability

• Rangeability

• Warranty
Includes Lifetime

™ Transmitters:

• Total Accuracy = ±0.0375%

• Stability = ±0.01% per year

• Reliability = 470 years MTBF

• Rangeability = 400 to 1

Lifetime Warranty = 15 years

Figure 1—Series 100 Remote Seal Pressure Transmitters feature proven
piezoresistive sensors and advanced seal technology with standard weld


The devices provide comprehensive self-diagnostics to help users

maintain high uptime, meet regulatory requirements, and attain high

quality standards. S100 transmitters are ideal for critical applications,

such as custody transfer of natural gas and energy and material

balances, where accuracy and stability are of the utmost importance.

"Our commitment to Honeywell field instruments is based on

seamless integration with our Honeywell system and the enhanced

fault detection that the Honeywell DE protocol offers. Honeywell

instruments also offer us a better way of ensuring database integrity
over simple analog instruments. In addition, Honeywell's high-quality

support has enabled us to better implement solutions to some of our

more difficult problems. We have used Honeywell differential pressure

smart transmitters for the past eight years. Based on their accuracy

and low failure rates, we are now targeting critical flow applications
that require the robustness that these transmitters bring.”

DCS Systems Engineer

International Integrated Oil Company