System drivers and components, Hp service release wizard, Fixes – HP PROLIANT 56976839 User Manual

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System Drivers and Components

The System Drivers and Components includes other software, drivers and management agents for your

HP ProLiant Storage Server.

Intel NIC drivers and Intel ProSet for Windows Device Manager version 12.1

HP Server Management System for Windows, version 2.0.2

Broadcom NetExtreme BCM57xx NIC driver version 10.24

Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2 (BACS) version

HP SATA RAID Controller Manager (HPSM) version 4.10–4590

Adaptec SATA RAID 2410 Device Driver version

Adaptec Storage Manager for 2420 SATA Controller version 4.10.4813

Adaptec Storage Manager for 2410 SATA Controller version 4.30.16038 (DL100 G1 and

1500s models only)

Hotplug Service Update for Adaptec 2410 version

Hotplug Service Update for Adaptec 2420 version

Java Runtime Environment Update, version 1.6.0 Update 2

The Java Runtime Environment is the minimum standard Java computing environment for running

applications written in the Java programming language. It contains the Java virtual machine, Java core

classes, and supporting files.

HP Service Release Wizard

The HP Service Release Wizard provides a simple user interface to install the Service Release. The

Service Release automatically installs the HP Service Release Wizard and replaces the HP Service

Release NAS Updater Utility.


Service Release installation adds the HP Service Release service for managing software updates and

creates the HPSRUser account on the storage server. The HPSRUser account is required to use the HP

Service Release Wizard. If needed, the HPSRUser account can be deleted following installation of the

Service Release. If the HPSRUser account is removed and the HP Service Release Wizard is needed

again, restart the HP Service Release service and run the Service Release setup program.


In earlier releases of HP ProLiant DL100 G2 Storage Servers using either the Adaptec SATA RAID

2410 or 2420 SA Controllers, an error message appeared in the Windows System Event log

reporting that a disk in a slot was “plug out” or removed although no drives were removed. This

issue is now resolved by installing the applicable Hotplug Service Update to your Adaptec

Controller product (2410, 2420) installed on your system. The HotPlug Service Update is located

in the System Drivers and Components category during installation of the Service Release.

Consistency Check fix for HP ProLiant DL100 G1 and HP StorageWorks NAS products using

the Adaptec 2410 RAID Controller. This issue is now resolved by installing the Adaptec Storage

Manager version 4.30 (16038) supplied in the Service Release.

Microsoft Updates


Some of the following Microsoft updates may not apply to your storage server.

Storage Server Service Release 6.6 release notes