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Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 x64 Editions
Microsoft Windows Unified Data Storage Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition


The Service Release is available in the following languages:






Simplified Chinese


Traditional Chinese

Issues and workarounds

Issues and their workarounds have been identified and placed into categories. These categories are:

General installation issues
Installation issues on systems using Windows Storage Server 2003
HP Service Release Wizard

General installation issues

This section details general issues with the installation of Service Release 6.6 or use of Service Release

Installation Wizard.


Minimum disk space requirement for Service Release 6.6 installation


The HP ProLiant Storage Server should have at least 1 GB of available space on

the system drive when installing the Service Release. The specific amount of disk

space required depends on the components that are selected for installation.


There is no workaround, other than ensuring that the system drive where the Service

Release setup is installed has more than 1 GB of available disk space. To free

up disk space, unnecessary files can be deleted from the C:\temp folder. This

situation can also be avoided by ensuring that only the necessary components are

selected for installation when the Service Release setup is run.


Free hard disk space requirements for Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2)


A minimum of 1.3GB of free hard disk space is required on your system

when installing Windows Server 2003 SP2 from the Service Release DVD.

For more information about hard disk free space requirements for Windows

Server 2003 SP2, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article KB926029 at


Workaround Not applicable.


Intel NIC driver installation fails when installed over a network share


The installation of the Intel network interface card driver fails when attempted

over a network share.

Workaround Perform the installation directly from the Service Release DVD or by copying the

DVD contents to a local drive on the storage server.

Storage Server Service Release 6.6 release notes