Trouble shooting, Problem possible causes what to do – Honeywell 88080 User Manual

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1) The Wine Chiller chilling is
not working

1) No Power Supply

1) Make sure the wine chiller
is plugged into a 3 prong outlet.

1a) Low voltage

1a) Make sure the chiller is plugged

into a proper 120V outlet.

1b) Blown fuse

1b) Change fuse. It is recommended
a qualified electrician change the
fuse on the chiller.

2) The wine chiller is not reaching
the desired temperature.

2) The chiller is placed too close
to a heat source.

2) Keep the chiller away from

sunlight and other heat sources.

2a) Poor ventilation

2a) Make sure the chiller is
ventilated properly and make sure
that loose debris and other objects
are away from the fan.

2c) The temperature adjuster is
set too high.

2c) Make sure the temperature
adjuster is properly set. It may need
to be set to a cooler temperature.

2b) The door is opened
frequently, or for a long period
of time, or was not properly shut.

2b) Make sure the door is properly
closed tight and do not open the
door frequently.





3) The wine chiller temperature is
too cold

3) The temperature adjuster

is set too low.

3) Adjust the temperature setting

to a higher temperature

3a) The ambient temperature is too

3a) Keep the wine chiller in an
ambient temperature above 10ºC