HP StorageWorks Tape Library ESL9322S2 User Manual

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hp StorageWorks ESL9322S2 tape library


Canada — Version 5 — March 18, 2003



A t A G l a n c e

The Ultimate in High-Capacity

Unattended Backup and Restore:

The HP StorageWorks

ESL9322S2 provides the ultimate
in high-capacity unattended

backup and restore for customers
with large server pools and

centralized backup and restore
requirements, serviced by network

attached storage devices or
storage area networks. The

consolidation of tape backup into a
single shared storage device

requires these devices to provide
both high capacity and high

performance, and the need for
redundancy and high availability.

With High availability features,
component level redundancy and

high capacity, the ESL9322S2 can
provide years of fully automated

operation for backup, save and
restore, and hierarchical storage

management of critical data, it is
qualified with a variety of industry-

standard backup application
solutions and operating systems.

With 222 or 322 slots and up to
eight hot plug SDLT drives, the

ESL9322S2 offers up to 51.52 TB
of native data storage and native

transfer rates up to 460.8 GB/hr.