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hp StorageWorks ESL9322S2 tape library


Canada — Version 5 — March 18, 2003


Standard Features

HP StorageWorks ESL9322S2
Tape Library Model

The HP StorageWorks ESL9322S2 Tape Library comes with up to 8 HP SDLT 160/320
GB tape drives (number of drives determined by SKU chosen) and has two models with
222 and 322 slots respectively.

ESL9322S2, 222 slot, 2 SDLT 160/320 drive, enterprise library


ESL9322S2, 222 slot, 8 SDLT 160/320 drive, enterprise library


ESL9322S2, 322 slot, 2 SDLT 160/320 drive, enterprise library


ESL9322S2, 322 slot, 8 SDLT 160/320 drive, enterprise library


The ESL9322S2 comes with a complete 222 or 322 slot library system configured with the associated number of
drives, installation and user’s manual, one-piece SDLT media, a copy of the Hewlett-Packard Storage
Management Solutions CD. Customers are required to also purchase the necessary number of add-on drives,
host bus adapters, SCSI cables, SDLT media, country specific power cords (pair) and applications software
licenses in order to complete the library solution.
Due to the size and weight of the unit, a pre- sales site survey is required. The pre-sales site survey document is

NOTE: This Web site is available in English only.

Installation services can be ordered separately on Hewlett-Packard Services as part of each library order (requires
scheduling with local Hewlett-Packard Services provider).

NOTE: Does not include special site work, which may

be required as a result of not meeting minimum site survey requirements.

The ESL9000 Series Library

HP StorageWorks ESL9000 series of DLT libraries offer customers both high performance and high reliability.
With its high availability feature set, the ESL9000 series provides for maximum uptime. Based on PCI backplane
architecture, the ESL9000 series also provides a simple upgrade path for future “plug-in” features. The
ESL9322S2 library is part of the ESL9000 series libraries.

High Availability

As data becomes more and more mission critical, and downtime becomes more costly to the enterprise,
customers are requiring high availability consolidated storage solutions which offer hot swappable components
and redundancies of key operating sub-systems (tape drives, controllers, power supplies). With redundant power
distribution, power supplies, and cooling fans, coupled with “hot pluggable” drive carriers, hot swap power supplies
and cooling fan modules, the ESL9322S2 offers the best in high availability for continuous operation.

Hot Pluggable Drives

The ESL9322S2 uses hot pluggable drive carriers, allowing drive replacement and additional drives to be added
for capacity expansion without interrupting backup and restore functions. These hot pluggable drive trays allow for
easy scalability of performance, as well as provide an easy upgrade path towards future drive technologies.

NOTE: The ESL9322S2 accepts only library ready drives specifically modified for use in the ESL9322S2 library.

Proven Reliability

Using SDLT 160/320 tape drives, and proven library robotics with a rating of 2,000,000 load/unload cycles, the
ESL9322S2 provides the necessary high reliability.