HP CapShare 920 User Manual

Share, Store, It accurately

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it accurately.


The copier you take to the document.

w w w. c a p s h a r e . h p . c o m

Store Inside.

Keep up to fifty copies,

and view them right on the

LCD screen. Zoom out for

whole document. Zoom in

to see detail.

Copy Anywhere.

Simply slide over business

cards, letters, contracts, even

flip charts - for electronic

copies in seconds.

Share in Minutes.

Send electronic copies to your

laptop or handheld PC at the

push of a button. Then edit,

print, e-mail or e-fax to share

with others.

It’s lightweight, portable, fits right in your briefcase.

And with the e-copier in your hand, you can. . .

O n t h e r o a d o r o n t h e g o , i t ’ s e a s i e r , f a s t e r , b e t t e r .

Copy, edit, file and send electronic copies more easily than paper copies ... and reduce your paper load.

Make e-copies wherever you are - airplane or airport, hotel or restaurant, office or job site.

Give clients and colleagues more accurate information faster.

Make life on the road easier - no more searching for fax and copy machines.