Samsung VP-D200(i) User Manual

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Digital Still Camera mode (VP-D230(i)/D250(i)/D270(i) only)

Inserting and ejecting the Memory Stick

Inserting the Memory Stick

1. Turn the Power switch to OFF.
2. Insert the Memory Stick into the Memory Stick slot located right side of the camcorder,

in the direction of the arrow.

Ejecting the Memory Stick

1. Turn the Power switch to OFF.
2. Push the Memory Stick, then it comes out of the camcorder automatically.
3. Pull out the Memory Stick.

Do not attempt to pull the Memory Stick out without first pushing it in.


If you set the camcorder to M.PLAY mode, the last recorded still image appears.

If there are no recorded images on the Memory Stick, “NO STORED PHOTO!” or

will display on the screen.

Do not turn the power off while recording, loading, erasing or formatting.

Please turn the power off before you insert or eject the Memory Stick.
You could lose data on the Memory Stick.

Do not allow metal substances to come in contact with the terminals of the Memory Stick.

Do not bend, drop or apply strong shock to Memory Stick.

After pulling the Memory Stick out from the camcorder, please keep the Memory Stick in a soft case to prevent static shock.

The stored contents may be changed or lost as a result of misuse, static electricity, electric noise or repair.
Save important images separately.

Samsung is not responsible for data loss due to misuse.

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