Setting the hdmi audio, Cd upsampling, Night mode – Yamaha DV-S5950 User Manual

Page 30: Setup menu

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Setup Menu

Setting the HDMI audio

When you connect this unit to an HDMI
compatible component via the HDMI jack,
select to turn on or off the HDMI audio

1 In ‘AUDIO SETUP PAGE’, press 34 to

highlight [HDMI AUDIO], then press 2.

Select this to turn on the HDMI audio

Select this to turn off the HDMI audio

– If you are not using the HDMI audio

output, you should set this to [OFF].

– If the monitor/receiver connected to this

unit using HDMI does not support HDMI
audio signal input, set this to [OFF].

– This unit can output following audio signals

using HDMI: 32/44.1/48 kHz, 2ch linear
PCM signals and bitstream signals (Dolby
Digital, DTS and MPEG).

– When audio signals are being output by

HDMI-compatible components, digital
output signals are muted.

– When [DIGITAL OUTPUT] is set to [OFF]

on this unit, HDMI audio is muted even if
[HDMI AUDIO] is set to [ON] and an
HDMI connection is established between
the monitor and receiver.

– When [DIGITAL OUTPUT] is set to [ALL]

on this unit, PCM signals are still output if
the monitor and receiver only support the
PCM format. However, the audio output is
muted when audio format plays back the
DTS source.

CD upsampling

This feature allows you to convert your
music CD to a higher sampling rate using
sophisticated digital signal processing for
better sound quality. If you activate the
upsampling function, this unit automatically
switches to the stereo mode.

1 In “AUDIO SETUP PAGE”, press 3


4 to

highlight [CD UPSAMPLING], and then
press 2.
Select this to disable CD-upsampling.

88.2kHz (X2)
Select this to convert the sampling rate of
CDs to twice that of the original.

176.4kHz (X4)
Select this to convert the sampling rate of
CDs to four times that of the original.

2 Press 3


4 to select a setting, and then

press ENTER/OK to confirm your

– This setting is only valid for the signals

output at the analog jacks.

Night mode

In the night mode, high volume output is
softened and low volume output is brought
upward to an audible level. It is useful when
you watch your favorite action movie
without disturbing others at night.

1 In “AUDIO SETUP PAGE”, press 3



to highlight [NIGHT MODE], and then
press 2.


To return to the previous menu, press 1.
To exit from the menu, press SETUP. Page 26 Monday, June 12, 2006 4:42 PM