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Parameter Edit Displays

DME64N/DME24N Owner’s Manual


Parameter Edit Displays

Parameter Edit displays will appear when the [SCENE],
[MUTE], [MONITOR] or other button is pressed to allow
scene changes, level adjustment, and other settings to
be edited as required. Parameter Edit displays are also
used to edit utility parameters.
In most cases the desired parameter edit page can be
accessed by selecting the item you want to edit in the
appropriate display by using the cursor [ E ], [  ], [ 
], and [ F ] buttons, and then pressing the [ENTER]

There are basically three types of parameters that can
be accessed via a Parameter Edit display:
• Numeric values
• Lists
• ON/OFF switches

Numeric Parameters

Numeric parameters can be edited in a number of ways,
and depending on the parameter a fader, knob, or
minimum and maximum values may appear to the left of
the numeric value.

A Numeric Value with a fader

A Numeric Value with a Knob

Name of parameter selected for editing



Minimum and maximum values

Current value

Panel Lock

The panel controls can be “locked” to prevent
accidental mis-operation.
To activate the panel lock function simultaneously
press and hold the [HOME] and [ENTER] buttons for
longer than 2 seconds.
The panel lock icon will appear on the Main display
when the panel is locked.

Panel Lock can be disengaged by pressing the
[CANCEL] button for longer than 2 seconds.


The panel lock function can be set up to lock just the
panel buttons (“Key Only”), or the panel buttons and GPI
control (“Key+GPI”). You can also select whether or not
the panel lock function is automatically engaged when
the unit is initially turned on. This selection can be made
via the Utility display “Lock” page (refer to the page 47).

Panel lock icon