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User Manual Zanussi - ZWD 1270 S, ZWD 1270 W, ZWD 1470 W

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ZWD 1270 W, ZWD 1470 W

Summary of Contents

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    WASHER-DRYER ZWD 1270 WZWD 1270 SZWD 1470 W HYDROSYSTEM 5.5 kg PROGRESS 1200 Synthetics Delicates Cottons Wool 60°C 50°C 95°C 40°C 1200 900 700 500 Delay ZWD 127O W Skip Hand Wash Prewash 30°C Extra Dry Store Dry Iron Dry Cottons Synthetics Cottons Store
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    2 Installation ● This appliance is heavy. Care should be taken when moving it. ● It is dangerous to alter the specifications or attempt to modify this product in any way. ● All packing and transit bolts must be removed before use. Serious damage can occur
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    3 Contents For the User Important Safety Information 2 Your New Washer-Dryer 4 Description of the Appliance 5 Detergent dispenser drawer 5 Child safety feature 5 The Control Panel 6-10 Operating sequence 11-14 Washing 11 Load the laundry 11 Measure out the
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    4 Your New Washer-Dryer This new machine meets all modern requirements for effective treatment of laundry with lowwater, energy and detergent consumption. ● The special wool programme with its new delicatewash system treats your woollens with extreme care.
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    5 Description of the Appliance 1 Detergent dispenser drawer2 Control Panel3 Door opening handle4 Drain pump5 Adjustable feet Detergent dispenser drawer Prewash Main wash Fabric softener Child safety feature This machine incorporates a special child safety
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    6 The Control Panel Important! By pressing the “Temperature” and “Spin Speed”buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds, the acousticsignal is deactivated at the end of the cycle, whenselecting the programmes and in case of an incorrectoption selection.By pressing
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    7 • Drain only - Press the “Skip/Reset” button once, so as to cause the “Drain” light to light up, then press the“Start/Pause” button. Important! If you accidentally press the “Start/Pause” button more than once, the display will show threeblinking dashes.
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    8 • Duration of washing programme in hours and minutes, after you have selected a programme. While the programme is running (after you have pressed the “Start/Pause” button), the displayed timevalue decreases by one unit every minute. • Selected drying time
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    9 10 “Start/Pause” button This button has three functions:• Start: after you have selected the desired programme and options, press this button to start the machine. Thelight above the button will stop flashing and remain lit.If you have selected a delay
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    10 12 “Delay” button This button makes it possible to delay the starting of theprogramme by up to 24 hours. The delay you haveselected is shown on the display for about 3 seconds;afterwards, the duration of the programme reappears.You must select this option
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    11 Operating Sequence WASHING Before the first wash we recommend that you pour 2litres of water into the main wash compartment of the detergent drawer in order to activate theECO valve. Then run a cotton cycle at 60°C, with themachine empty, in order to
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    12 6. Select the temperature Press the “Temperature” button if you wish to select atemperature value different from the one proposed bythe machine. The relevant light will light up. 7. Select the spin speed or the Rinse Hold option Press the “Spin Speed”
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    13 11. How to change a programme during its cycle Before you make any change, you must pause themachine by pressing the “Start/Pause” button.It is possible to change any phase before the programmecarries it out.Changing the type of fabric or temperature
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    14 DRYING 2.75 KG OF COTTONYou have for example just machine-washed and spun at 1200 rpm 5.5 kg of laundry. They are cotton fabrics of medium weight which you want to iron as soon as they are dry.Press the “Skip/Reset” button repeatedly to erase theprogramme
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    15 Washing and Drying Hints Do NOT overload the machine. Weigh the laundry the first few times you use the appliance. The average weights of the most common items are listed below as a guide: 1000g = 1 kgSheet 700-1000 g Pillow case 100-200 g Tablecloth
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    16 And in which form? Not only are there different types of detergent, but they are also available in different forms. Whether you chose a powder or liquid in traditional or compact form is your own personal choice. TRADITIONAL POWDERS Pour the powder directly
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    17 Wash Care Symbols Wash care labels inside garments recommend how to launder your clothes with the best results. The care labelling code is in line with care labelling used in the rest of Europe. The symbols used make it easy to select the correct programme
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    18 Washing programmes The “coloured cotton programme” at 60°C is the reference programme for the data entered in the energy label, incompliance with EEC 92/75 standards. * This data is given purely as an indication: the consumption values may vary in relation
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    19 Drying Programmes (*) The STORE DRY drying programme for cotton is the reference programme for the Energy Label data, incompliance with EC directive 92/75. Timed drying Degree of drying Store dry (*)Suitable for itemsto put awaywithout ironing Type of
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    20 Maintenance and Cleaning Before any maintenance or cleaning is carried out youmust DISCONNECT the appliance from the electricitysupply. Descaling The water we use normally contains lime. It is a goodidea to periodically use a water softening powder in
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    21 Clean the filter using a hard bristle brush.Tighten up the inlet hose. The dangers of freezing If the machine is exposed to temperatures below 0°C,certain precautions should be taken. ● Turn off the water tap. ● Unscrew the inlet hose. ● Place the end
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    22 Something Not Working Certain problems are due to lack of simple maintenance or oversights, which can be solved easily withoutcalling out an engineer. Before contacting your local Service Force Centre, please carry out the checks listedbelow.IMPORTANT:
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    23 Symptom The door will not open Possible causes ● The water level is above the bottom edge of the door. ● The machine is heating the water or drying the clothes. ● The drum is turning. Spinning starts late or the machinedoes not spin ● The electronic balance
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    24 Guarantee Conditions Standard guarantee conditions We, Zanussi Electrolux, undertake that if, within 12 months of the date of the purchase, this ZANUSSI ELECTROLUX appliance or any part thereof is proved to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship
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    25 Installation Instructions Technical Specifications It is dangerous to alter the specifications or attempt to modify this product in any way. Care must be taken to ensure that the appliance does not stand on the electrical supply cable. Any electrical
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    26 Unpacking All transit bolts and packing must be removed before using the appliance. You are advised to keep all the packaging for re-use incase the machine is to be transported again.Using a spanner unscrew and remove the two rearbottom screws. Slide
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    27 Water inlet Connect the hose supplied with the machine to a tapwith a 3/4” thread.Do not use already employed hoses. Installation should comply with local water authorityand building regulations’ requirements.The appliance must be connected to a cold
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    26 2. Onto a sink outlet spigot. If the outlet spigot has not been used before, removeany blanking plug that may be in place. Push the drain hose onto the spigot and secure with aclip if required, ensure a loop is formed in the drainhose (see diagram) to
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    29 Electrical connection Any electrical work required to install this applianceshould be carried out by a qualified electrician orcompetent person. WARNING: THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED.The manufacturer declines any liability should this safety measure
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