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Walking/Jogging at Your Own Pace—Free Workout Mode

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Exercising with Free Workout

The Free Workout mode is an easy, convenient way to exercise using the
versatile tempo changing features of the BF-1, since it automatically matches
the music to your exercise pace.


Keep in mind that it takes a few seconds to detect your pace and call up a song that matches your


If you find that few songs matching your pace are called up, adjust the sensitivity of the step sensor

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From the Free Workout menu, select “Start,” then start jogging or

You can set the goal setting (targets for your exercise) and/or select a specific
music playlist for the session. If you want to do so, select “Setting” here and
go to

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(Goal Setting and Music Selection).

Once you set the goal setting, it will be shown in the “Start” menu the next time
you use the device, enabling you to continue with the same exercise settings
as before.


If the pulse sensor is not attached properly or accidentally slips off, a “Measurement
Error!” message appears. Reattach the pulse sensor properly and select “Try again”
in the menu to continue your exercise session. If you select “Don’t measure HR” here,
the exercise session continues, but heart rate is not memorized in the exercise log

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For playback of certain songs (and depending, of course, on the characteristics of those
songs), you may find that the song tempo does not match your pace. If this is the case, you can
manually correct the tempo information with the BODiBEAT Station software. For details, refer to
the BODiBEAT Station Owner’s Manual.


While you’re jogging or walking, you can change the volume of the
music, select different songs, or lock the pace.

See “Operation During Exercise” on

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Once the set target has been reached, music playback stops and
your session is ended.

A log showing detailed information on your session automatically appears.
(For more about the session log, see “After a Free Workout session” below.)
If your exercise is an open-ended session or you want to stop the exercise
before the specified target has been reached, you can also stop the session
manually by simultaneously holding both the

▲/▼ (Up/Down) buttons. This

ends the session and calls up the log display.


When the Learning Function (

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) is set to on, a confirmation message will appear before

the log display appears and prompts you to update the maximum heart rate and tempo.