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Page 25: Percent change

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Business Computations


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Business Computations

A series of business computations exist. Included are templates to
perform percent change, profit margin, discount, markup, sales tax and
tip computations.


This template performs discount computations:

Price: current price.

Sales Price: sales price.

Discount%: percentage discount.
For example, a 30% discount would be entered as “30”.


This template performs markup computations:

Method: computation based on
price or cost. Profit margin
computations are based on price;
percent change computations are
based on cost.

Cost: the cost to manufacture or

Price: the selling or resale price.

Markup%: the markup expressed as a percentage. For example,
an 8.125% change would be entered as “8.125”. A positive value
represents an increase while a negative one represents a decrease.

Percent Change

This template performs percentage change computations with one or
more compounding periods:

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