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Getting Started

powerOne™ Personal


Getting Started

This section helps you get started using your powerOne™ Personal

The Displays

There are two main displays: the calculator and the templates.
Additionally, several types of input screens are used to enter numeric,
date or time values into the templates. The templates perform
business, conversion and statistics computations, working with the
input screen to enter variables and perform calculations.

Number Ranges

Entry of numbers with up to 12 decimal places and 14 digits is
allowed. Numbers larger than this will display in scientific notation
(e.g., 1.234e13). Numbers may be entered and displayed in normal,
scientific notation or engineering notation.

Long Calculations

Depending on the speed of your device and the complexity of the
calculation, some calculations may take a few seconds to complete.
Generally in such cases, a dialog box containing “Calculating…” with
a 'Cancel' button will be shown. You can stop the calculation by
tapping and holding the cancel button.




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