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Page 44: Service centers, 1. introduction, 2. how to obtain parts, 3. newer instruments, 4. service centers

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List of Replaceable Parts




4-1. Introduction

This section contains an illustrated list of replaceable parts for 77 Series III

4-2. How to Obtain Parts

Electrical components may be ordered directly from the Fluke Corporation
and its authorized representatives by using the part number under the heading
FLUKE PN. In the U.S., order directly from the Fluke Parts Dept. by calling
1-800-526-4731. Parts price information is available from the Fluke
Corporation or its representatives. Prices are also available in a Fluke
Replacement Parts Catalog which is available on request.

In the event that the part ordered has been replaced by a new or improved part,
the replacement will be accompanied by an explanatory note and installation
instructions, if necessary.

To ensure prompt delivery of the correct part, include the following
information when you place an order:

Part number and revision level of the pca containing the part.

Reference designator

Fluke stock number

Description (as given under the DESCRIPTION heading)


Instrument Model, Serial Number, and Firmware Numbers

4-3. Newer Instruments

Changes and improvements made to the instrument are identified by
incrementing the revision letter marked on the affected pca. These changes are
documented on a manual supplement which, when applicable, is included with
the manual.

4-4. Service Centers

To locate an authorized service center, call Fluke using any of the phone
numbers listed below, or visit us on the World Wide Web:

USA: 1-888-99-FLUKE (1-888-993-5853)
Canada: 1-800-36-FLUKE (1-800-363-5853)
Europe: +31 402-678-200
Japan: +81-3-3434-0181
Singapore: +65-738-5655
Anywhere in the world: +1-425-446-5500