Honeywell Modutrol IV Motors Series 90 User Manual

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Dimensions: See Fig. 1.

Electrical Ratings: See Table 3.

Control Inputs: Proportional, Series 90.

NOTE: Motor Series 90 control can be either Electronic, or

Mechanical (135 ohm).

Auxiliary Switch Ratings: See Table 4.

Ambient Temperature Ratings:

Maximum: 150°F (66°C) at 25% duty cycle.

Minimum: -40°F (-40°C).

NOTE: 25% duty cycle indicates that the motor operates for

6 out of every 24 hours.

Dead Weight Load On Shaft:

Power or Auxiliary End: 200 lb (90.8 kg) maximum.

Maximum Combined Load: 300 lb (136 kg). (Dual shaft

motors only.)

Crankshaft: 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) square. (Some models have

double-ended shafts.)


Fixed Stroke Models: Available 90° or 160°.

Adjustable Stroke Models: Available field adjustable from

90° to 160° (See Stroke Setting Procedure).

Timing And Torque: See Table 5.


Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Listed: File No. E4436, Guide


Canadian Standards Association Certified: General Listed File

No. LR1620, Guide 400-E.

NOTE: CE compliance can be attained with the proper

accessories (such as the 4074EZE).


198162JA Internal Transformer; 24 Vac 50/60 Hz primary,

24 Vac secondary (for electrical isolation).

198162EA Internal Transformer; 120 Vac 50/60 Hz primary,

24 Vac secondary.

198162GA Internal Transformer; 220 Vac 50/60 Hz primary,

24 Vac secondary.

198162AA Internal Transformer; 120/208/240 Vac 50/60 Hz

primary, 24 Vac secondary.

220736 Internal Auxiliary Switch Kit can be field-installed on

TRADELINE models. One- (220736A) and

Two- (220736B) switch kits available.

220741A Screw Terminal Adapter converts the standard

quick-connect terminals to screw terminals.

221455A Infinitely Adjustable Crank Arm approximately 0.75

inch shorter than the 4074ELY Crank Arm, can rotate

through downward position and clear base of motor without

requiring use of adapter bracket.

221508A Resistor Board plugs onto Series 90 Motor quick-

connect wire terminals. Provides same functionality as

4074BYK, 4074EAU, 4074EDC, or 4074EED Resistor Kits.

4074BYK Series 90 Resistor Kit provides for unison control of

up to six Series 90 Motors.

4074EAU W973 Resister Kit provides for control of two or

three Series 90 Motors from a W973 Single-zone Logic

Panel or W7100 Discharge Air Controller.

4074EDC 4-20 mA Resistor Kit drives one Series 90 Motor

from a 4-20 mA controller.

4074EED Unison Control 4-20 mA Resistor Kit provides for

control of up to four Series 90 Motors from one 4-20 mA


4074ERU Weatherproofing Kit provides NEMA 3 rating for

Modutrol IV Motors mounted in position other than upright.

4074EZE Bag Assembly with parts to provide CE compliance.

7617ADW Crank Arm approximately 0.75 inch shorter than

7616BR Crank Arm. Can rotate through downward position

and clear base of motor without requiring use of adapter


ES650-117 Explosion-Proof Housing encloses motor for use

in explosive atmospheres. Not for use with Q5001 (or any

other valve linkages). Order separately from O-Z/Gedney

Inc. To order, contact: O-Z/Gedney, Nelson Enclosures and

Controls, (918) 641-7381 or (918) 641-7374; or write to:

O-Z/Gedney, Nelson Enclosures and Controls

P.O. Box 471650

Tulsa, OK 74147-1650

Requires Honeywell 7617DM Coupling.

Q100 Linkage connects Modutrol


motor to V51 Butterfly

Valve. Requires the 220738A adapter bracket (packed with

TRADELINE Modutrol IV motors).

Q181 Auxiliary Potentiometer for sequence or unison control

of 1 to 4 additional modulating (Series 90) motors.

Q209E,F Potentiometer limits motor minimum position.

Q5001 Bracket and Linkage Assembly connects Modutrol

motor to a water or steam globe valve.

Q605 Damper Linkage connects motor to damper. Includes

motor crank arm.

Q607 External Auxiliary Switch controls auxiliary equipment

as a function of motor position.

Q7130A Interface Module with selectable voltage ranges

(4-7 Vdc, 6-9 Vdc, and 10.5-13.5 Vdc) adapts motor to

M71XX function.

Q7230A Interface Module with selectable control (2-10 Vdc or

4-20 mA) and adjustable zero and span adapts motor to

M72XX function.

Q7330A Interface Module for W936 Economizer applications

adapts motor to M73XX function.

Q7630A Interface Module for 14-17 Vdc control with minimum

position capability adapts motor to M76XX function.

Table 2. Modutrol Motor Cross-Reference.

Original Motor


M944A,C,D, M954

M9181, M9194, M9191, M9194

M965, M975

M9172, M9175


M9161, M9164, M9171, M9174

M945A,D,F, M955

M9182, M9185, M9183, M9186


M9481, M9484, M9491, M9494