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The Gentex Commander² GE Series features low-profile
strobes, horns or horn/strobe combinations that offer de-
pendable audible and audible/visual alarms and the low-
est current available.

Commander² GE Series horns allow selection of high or
low dBA, of synchronizable chime or whoop tones, as well
as selection of a 2400 Hz (remote signaling) or a low-fre-
quency broadband 1500-3000 Hz mechanical sounding
(evacuation) tone where doors must be considered.

Commander² GE Series models are easily field-change-
able from temporal 3 to continuous tone by simply remov-
ing a jumper. GEC models are shipped from the factory on
the temporal lower-frequency mode and come standard with
a rugged cast-metal mounting plate.

The Commander² GE Series appliances have a minimal
operation current and a minimum flash rate of 1 Hz regard-
less of input voltage. The Super Slide™ feature tests su-
pervision. A locking mechanism is included, which secures
the product to the bracket without screws showing.

Commander² GE Series appliances are UL-
Listed for use with fire protective systems
per UL 464, UL 1971, and UL 1638. The
appliances are warranted for three years
from the date of purchase.


• Installers can prewire the entire system,

then install the signaling devices.

• Super Slide™ feature for easier supervi-

sion testing. When mounting Super
Slide™, die-cast metal mounting plate
mounts to single-gang boxes, double-
gang boxes, 4" (101.6 mm) square boxes,
or Gentex GSB box.

• Lower installation and operating costs.

• Input terminals utilize 12 AWG (3.25 mm²) to 18 AWG

(0.75 mm²).

• True evacuation tone. Switch selection for:

High or low dBA.

High or low frequency (1500 to 3000 Hz).

Temporal 3 signaling, chime or whoop tones.

• Tamperproof reentrant grille.

• Rugged die-cast metal mounting bracket. Surface-mount

with Gentex GSB box.

• Separate horn and strobe functions. Horn can be silenced

while strobes remain flashing.


(GEC, GEH models)


(GES models)


(GEC, GEH models)


(GES models)


State Fire


Gentex Commander² GE Series

Low-Frequency Evacuation Signals

GEC, GEH, GES Models

December 19, 2002

Section: Audio/Visual Devices

DN-6872 • J-114B



285-91-E Vol. XV


City of


• Synchronize strobe and/or horn with Gentex AVS44 con-

trol module.

• Widest range of candela available. 15/75, 75 and 110

candela strobes meets or exceeds ADA 4.28.3 require-

• Wide voltage range of 16 – 33 VDC or FWR.

• Dimensions: 5" (127 mm) high x 4.5" (114.3 mm) wide x

2.5" (63.5 mm) deep.

• Models available in red or off-white.

Super Slide™ is a trademark of Gentex Corporation.


This document is not intended to be used for installation purposes. We try to keep our
product information up-to-date and accurate. We cannot cover all specific applications or
anticipate all requirements. All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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