Frymaster Enodis E4 User Manual

Frymaster e, Marine fryers, Built tough to meet the demands of a galley

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With bigger ships, more passengers and broader menu
offerings, a galley needs equipment that saves space, is
safe and easy to operate, and

meets the United States

Public Health Service Guidelines.

The E


Marine Fryer

is also prewired for connection to an external fire
protection system for SOLAS compliance.
The electric Marine Fryer by Frymaster has a stainless steel
cabinet, frame, frypot and plumbing, making it well suited
for the marine environment. The built-in filtering system
helps to reduce the need for holding oil on-board for dis-
posal on-shore.

Marine Fryer Features include

• Ability to withstand shipboard vibration
• Operates at a 20 degree incline
• Sturdy tubular legs and a pad
for deck mounting

long-liFe Heating eleMents

• Feature low-watt density
• Swing-up providing easy cleaning
and improved sanitation
• A power interruption if the
elements are raised

Built-in, Hands-oFF Filtering

• Fast and easy encouraging frequent
• Extends oil quality and oil life
• Ensures quality fried products
• Minimizes the need for holding oil
on-board for disposal on-shore
• Features a boil-out mode for
easy cleaning

a heritage of reliability.

Frymaster is the world’s most dependable fryer with an

unmatched worldwide service network, with internet service support for fast response time.
A spare “parts kit” and instructional videos are available to ensure the best and simplest
operations while at sea. Your ship engineers can make repairs as needed, and we will replace
any part used in warranty at no charge.

call 1-800-221-4583 or visit

8700 line avenue, p.o. Box 51000

shrevepor t, la 71135-1000, usa

318-865-1711, fax 318-868-5987

Built tough to meet the demands of a galley.

Frymaster E


Marine Fryers