FilterStream V2100 User Manual

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3 - S T A G E F I L T R A T I O N S Y S T E M

Dirt Tamer

has a revolutionary, patent pending

3-stage filtration system that provides superior
suction for a longer period of time.

Stage 1: Large particles of debris are separated

from liquids and air. The large particles
remain in the Pre-Filter for easy
disposal (see “Maintenance” section of
this manual for Pre-Filter and Bowl
emptying instructions).

Stage 2: Liquids and smaller dirt particles are

separated from air and collected
in the Bowl.

Stage 3: Fine dust/dirt particles are trapped by

the standard Foam Filter (included). With
an optional HEPA filter installed, 99.97%
of dust, pollen, bacteria and other
allergens down to 0.3 microns in size can
be captured.