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2.0 90si Status LED's

There are two LED's located on the front panel of the 90si. The following three sections explain
what the various LED states indicate.

2.1 Power-up

Note: Before applying power to the 90si, make sure that all cables are securely connected and that
your commercial fax device is in Auto-Receive (Fax) mode and answers on 1 or 2 rings.

There are a series of LED indications during the 90si power-up sequence. Before power is
supplied to the unit, both LED's will be extinguished. When power is initially applied, the green
"POWER" LED will flash intermittently indicating that a self-test is in progress. Once self-test is
successfully completed, the green "POWER" LED will illuminate. The 90si is now in the "ready"

2.2 Communication Errors

If an error occurs during a reception or transmission of a fax, the red "FAULT" LED will
illuminate. This indicates that a communications error has occurred. The unit will still operate.
The red "FAULT" LED will go out after 90 seconds or once a new transmission begins.

2.3 System Errors

Flashing green and red LED's indicate that the 90si has detected an internal failure during self-test
at power up, or during normal operation of the unit. If this occurs, press the white "RESET"
button located on the right side of the unit. This will restart the 90si and should return it to the
"ready" state (green "POWER" LED on, red "FAULT" LED off). If it does not, depress the
"RESET" button a second time. If this is ineffective, unplug the unit from the wall, wait a
moment, and plug it back in.

2.4 Contact GFS Customer Service

If all of these steps fail to return the unit to a "ready" state, contact Gateway Fax Systems'
Customer Service Toll Free at 1-877-951-9800 or 757-312-9800, via e-mail at [email protected]
or via the web at http://www.gwfs.com. Our service staff will get you back on-line promptly.