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90si Reference Guide

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1.0 Configuring your STU-III for the 90si

The most common cause of 90si operational problems are attributed to not having the STU-III's
Secure Data port configured for "Synchronous" operation. The following sections provide step-
by-step instructions for configuring various secure telephones for "Synchronous" operation as
well as setting "speed" and "duplex" to provide optimum performance with the 90si. The "Press"
column indicates which button on the secure telephone should be pressed. The "Display" column
indicates what the responding display will show. The first line indicates the state of the secure
telephone before proceeding.


AT&T Security Plus


To set Secure Data Mode for 4.8 Kbps, Full Duplex, Synchronous.

While On or Off-Hook:




Program Mode

3, 6, #

Operation Complete (Sets Synchronous)

3, 4, #

Operation Complete (Sets 4.8 Kbps, Full Duplex)

3, 0, #

SD:48 FDX SYNC (Displays new configuration)


(Standby display)