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3.0 Glossary of Secure Facsimile Terms

Listed below are definitions of words and terms used in the 90si User's and Reference Guides.

Broadcast: A signaling option in the Mil-Std-161 mode in which the transmitting device does
not look for any acknowledgements during a fax transmission.

Commercial Fax Device: A Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) "standard" Group III fax
machine or computer-based fax device.

Dual Mode: A 90si configuration which allows the local fax machine to communicate with both
secure and commercial fax machines.

FEC: (Forward Error Correction) An option available in the Mil-Std-161 mode that can decrease
errors in fax transmission over noisy communication lines. Note that STU's provide "clean"
communication lines therefore eliminating the need for FEC.

Handshake: A signaling option in the Mil-Std-161 mode in which the transmitting fax device
looks for acknowledgements during a fax transmission.

Mil-Std-161: The SECDEF-mandated military standard protocol for digital data transmission
between fax devices. Mil-Std-161 is compatible with NATO's STANAG 5000 protocols.

Off-Hook: The state created on a telephone line when a telephone handset is picked up.

One-Touch Key: A feature on a fax machine that allows designated buttons to be programmed
to go "Off-Hook" and automatically dial a telephone number. In the case of the 90si, we
recommend that you program one of your fax's one-touch keys to dial a "1" and designate it the
"Secure Start" key.

Public Fax: A document that does not contain sensitive or secret information and, therefore,
need not be transmitted in a secure manner.

Ricoh / Compatibility: A set of digital protocols for communication between secure fax devices.
These protocols allow the 90si to be backwards compatible with older secure fax machines.

SDD: Secure Data Device. An SDD is a data only version of secure telephone.

Secure Data Mode: A STU-III's secure data mode encrypts confidential or classified
information to be transmitted and received over standard telephone lines. It is this mode that
secure faxes are transmitted using.

Secure Fax: A secure fax is a document that contains confidential or classified information that
must be transmitted in a secure manner.

Secure Fax Device: A specially manufactured fax device that includes the interface and protocols
necessary to communicate over secure telephones such as the STU-III.

STE: Secure Telephone Equipment. New secure telephone for use by the US Government.

STU-IIB: Secure Telephone Unit Generation Two Version B. NATO version of STU-III.