Door reversal instructions – Electrolux - Gibson Top Freezer Frost Clear Refrigerator User Manual

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Door Reversal

1. Refer to the Toe
Grille Instructions
on page 13 to
remove the Toe
Grille (some
models). Snap off
hinge cover at top
of cabinet (some
models). With the
freezer door closed,
remove the two
screws attaching
upper hinge to
cabinet. Lift the
hinge up and off. Be sure to save screws and hinge for
reassembly later.

2. Open the freezer
door enough to
allow it to be lifted
off the center hinge.

3. With the refrigera-
tor door closed,
remove center hinge
pin. (Note the ar-
rangement of the up-
per and lower wash-
ers (some models) on
the hinge pin. The
washers must be re-
assembled later in
the same manner.)
Open refrigerator
door enough to al-
low door to be lifted
off the lower hinge. Remove the two screws attaching the center
hinge. The third outermost screw under the center hinge should
be left in place. Save hinge, pin, and washers (some
models) for reassembly later.
Reinstall screws in original

Your refrigerator is equipped with reversible door hinges. Hinging of the door can be
changed to the opposite side any time you wish. An envelope containing extra plastic
hole plugs is included in some models. Turn the refrigerator control to OFF. Remove
all food, bottles, and other items from the door. Begin with freezer door.
Completely remove one door before beginning the other.

4. Remove hinge
pin, hinge, and the
two screws
attaching the lower
hinge. Save the
hinge, hinge pin,
washer (some
models) and
screws for
reassembly later.


5. Carefully
remove the hole
plugs from the
hinge holes in the
center mullion and
top of cabinet and
reinstall in the
opposite set of