Fresh food storage, Shelf adjustment, Door storage – Electrolux - Gibson Top Freezer Frost Clear Refrigerator User Manual

Page 7: Crispers, Meat keeper

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Sliding Shelf

Cantilever Shelf

Combination Cantilever/Sliding Shelf with

Plastic Clip

Shelf Adjustment

Refrigerator shelves are easily adjustable to suit individual needs.
Some models have sliding shelves, others have cantilever shelves,
or both. Before adjusting shelves, remove all food. The shipping
clips which stabilize the shelves for shipping may be removed and

To adjust sliding shelves, remove by pulling forward to the stop
position, then lift the front edge up and pull out. Replace on any
pair of rails by reversing this procedure.

To adjust cantilever shelves (shelves supported at the rear of the
refrigerator), lift the back of the shelf up and out. Replace shelf by
inserting hooks at rear into wall bracket. Lower and lock into

To adjust combination cantilever/sliding shelves, remove shelf by lifting hooks up and
out of rear wall bracket. Then flex plastic clip towards center of refrigerator and pull
shelf straight out. Replace shelf by sliding plastic clip past side wall support. Then lock
hooks at rear into wall bracket. NOTE: Plastic clip will automatically fit secure against
side wall.

Door Storage

Door bins and shelves are provided for convenient storage of jars, bottles, and cans.
Items used often are available for quick selection.

Some models have adjustable door bins which can be moved to suit individual needs.
To move the bins, remove by lifting straight up. Place the bin in the desired position
and lower over supports.

The Dairy compartment is warmer than the general food storage section and is
intended for short term storage of cheese, spreads, or butter.


The Crispers, located under the bottom refrigerator shelf, are designed for storing
fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce. Wash items in clear water and remove
excess water before placing in the Crispers. Items with strong odors or high moisture
should be wrapped before storing.

The Humidity Control (some models) allows you to adjust the humidity within the
Crisper drawer. This can extend the life of fresh vegetables which keep best in high
humidity. Leafy vegetables, however, keep best when stored with the Humidity
Control set on HIGHER, or in a drawer without a Humidity Control. This keeps
incoming air to a minimum and maintains maximum moisture content.

Crisper Cover Support (some models)
The Crisper Cover Support, located between the two Crisper drawers, is shipped
raised from the liner floor. This prevents damage to the liner floor during shipping.
Once your refrigerator has been installed in it’s final location, the Foot of the Crisper
Cover Support
must be lowered to prevent bowing in the middle of the Crisper
Cover, when food is placed on it.

Adjusting the Foot of the Crisper Cover Support:
1. To lower the Foot, rotate it the clockwise direction until it rests on the liner floor.
2. To raise the Foot, rotate it in the counterclockwise direction.

Meat Keeper

(some models)

The temperature in the Meat Keeper drawer can be made colder than the rest of the
refrigerator compartment by using the adjustable air flow control. Foods can be
partially frozen and kept fresh longer than if stored on a refrigerator shelf. Before
placing food in the Meat Keeper, follow these steps:
1. Carefully handle food items with clean hands and always keep drawer clean.
2. Store meat or fish in the original wrapper. If necessary, overwrap in plastic wrap

or foil to prevent drying.

3. If food spoilage occurs, disinfect the drawer with liquid chlorine bleach following label

directions. Wash with a solution of baking soda and water. Rinse with water and dry.

Fresh Food Storage

Crisper Cover Support










Adjustable Humidity Control