Automatic ice maker – Electrolux - Gibson Top Freezer Frost Clear Refrigerator User Manual

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Automatic Ice Maker

If your refrigerator has an automatic ice maker, it will provide a continuous supply
of ice for normal use. The automatic ice maker is an optional accessory which may
be installed in most models at any time. Call your local dealer for installation.

After the plumbing connections have been completed, the water supply valve must
be opened. Place the ice container under ice maker, pushing it as far back as
possible. Lower the wire signal arm to its "down" or ON position. Because of new
plumbing connections, the first production of ice cubes may be discolored or have
an odd flavor. Throw the ice away until the cubes made are free of discoloration and

Remember, water quality determines your ice quality. It is

best to connect ice maker to water that is NOT soft. Softening chemicals can damage
ice maker. If ice maker is connected to soft water, ensure softener is maintained, and
working properly.

To stop the ice maker, lift the wire signal arm until it clicks and locks in the "up"
or OFF position. The ice maker turns off automatically when the ice container is full.
If your model has an adjustable freezer shelf, place the shelf so the wire signal arm
will hit the ice when the ice container is full.

Ice Maker Tips
1. Ice stored too long may develop an odd flavor. Empty container and be sure wire

signal arm is in its "down" or ON position. The ice maker will then produce more

2. Occasionally shake the container to keep ice separated.
3. Keep the wire signal arm in its "up" or OFF position until the refrigerator is

connected to the water supply or whenever water supply is turned off.

4. Certain sounds are normal when the ice maker is operating. They are:

Motor operation
Ice being loosened from the tray
Ice being dropped into the container
Running water
Water valve opening and closing

For more information on these operations, see "Normal Operating Sounds."

5. Wash ice container in warm water with mild detergent. Rinse well and dry.
6. Stop the ice maker when cleaning the freezer or for short vacations.
7. If the ice maker will be turned off for a long period of time, turn the water supply

valve to the closed position.