Electrolux - Gibson Top Freezer Frost Clear Refrigerator User Manual

Page 12

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Assemble upper

hinge to top of cabinet
and door. Use opposite
set of holes. Do not
completely tighten

Align doors so there is a
parallel gap between
doors. Original shipping
block may be used to
align doors. Adjust doors
to cabinet so gaskets seal
but do not bind. Tighten
upper and lower hinge screws.

Additional adjustment may be necessary after loading the door
shelves. Return food, bottles, and other articles to doors. Turn
the refrigerator control on and to the previous setting.

Wait 24 hours for the temperature to stabilize before
making additional changes.

Refer to the Toe Grille Instructions on page 13 to replace the
Toe Grille (some models).

11. Place original
washer (some
models) over hole
in refrigerator door
and line up hole in
center hinge. Insert
hinge pin through
both holes. Place
washer (some
models) on hinge
pin, then position
freezer door on
center hinge.

12. Remove plug from
upper bearing of door
and reinstall on
opposite side.

Bearing Plug