Keyboard leds, Installing 3 or more devices – Gyration Full-Size Keyboard User Manual

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Mode and no devices are transmitting.


Blinks slowly (one blink per second) when the receiver

is in Learn Mode and is awaiting a Teach instruction from

a device.


Flickers rapidly when the receiver is operating in

Normal Mode and a synchronized device is transmitting. If

there is radio interference, the flickering light will be



Blinks rapidly for a four-second burst when it is in

Learn Mode processing a Teach instruction, and

synchronizing the receiver with the device.

Keyboard LEDs

These LEDs indicate whether your computer has the Num

Lock, Caps Lock, and/or Scroll Lock features activated.


Num Lock: Used to toggle a combination number/cursor

keypad between numeric keys and cursor keys.


Caps Lock: When activated, causes all alphabetic

characters to be uppercase, but has no effect on other



Scroll Lock: Used to toggle between scrolling and non-

scrolling mode (on PC keyboards). When activated, the

arrow keys scroll the screen regardless of the current

cursor location.

Installing 3 or More Devices

The RF receiver can be taught to recognize up to eight devices

(such as mice, remotes, and keyboards) on a system, but only

two of those devices may be used simultaneously.
When setting up a system with a single receiver and three or

more devices, the following guidelines must be followed:


Select two channels that are free of outside interference

and install all devices on either of those two channels.

When possible, it is recommended that the two chosen