Gyration desktop rf keyboard, Gyration full-size keyboard – Gyration Full-Size Keyboard User Manual

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Gyration Full-Size Keyboard

Ergonomically-designed, the Full-Size Keyboard has a

sleek, refined look with an exceptional feel. Due to Gyration’s

powerful radio frequency technology, this keyboard is ideal for

your desk, the office conference room, and even your home


Setting Up and Synchronizing the Keyboard

and the Gyration RF Receiver

When installing the Full-Size Keyboard for the first time or

when adding additional Gyration devices to the system, it is

necessary to perform a Teach/Learn sequence to synchronize

the devices. To set up and synchronize the Full-Size Keyboard

and the RF Receiver:

1. Connect the receiver cable into an available USB port and

power on your computer. Your operating system should

detect the new hardware device and initiate the installa-

tion procedure. Continue to follow the standard USB

device installation screens until installation is complete.