Connections, Connecting to a tv – GE H855 User Manual

Page 71

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Connecting to a TV

You can connect your camera to your

television, computer, or printer to view
pictures you have taken.

By using the AV cable, you can view the
captured images on a TV. Follow the steps
below to connect the supplied AV cable to
a TV.
1. Choose

[NTSC] or [PAL] to match

your TV video standard (see page 74)

and then turn off the camera.
2. Connect one end of the AV cable to the

USB/AV OUT port on your camera.

3. Connect the plugs on the other end of

the cable to the audio and video input

ports on the TV.

4. Turn on the camera and the TV on.



Make sure that both the camera and TV
are turned off before connecting the AV

Use a fully charged battery to prevent the
camera from turning off unexpectedly
while connected.