GE H855 User Manual

Page 73

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By using the USB cable, you can transfer

the captured photos and videos to a PC.

Follow the steps below to connect the

camera to a PC.
1. Start a computer to which ArcSoft
software has been installed.
2. Make sure both the camera and PC are
turned on.
3. Connect one end of the supplied USB
cable to the USB/AV OUT port on your
4. Connect the other end of the cable to an
available USB port on your PC.

5. Disconnect the camera once transfer is complete.

If the USB option is set to [PC] :

Turn the camera off and disconnect the USB

If the USB option is set to [PC (PTP) ] :

Remove the camera from the system as described
below before turning the camera off and
disconnecting the USB cable.

Window XP Home Edition/XP Professional

Click the [Safely Remove Hardware] icon ( )
in the taskbar and select [Safely remove USB
Mass Storage Device] from the menu displayed.