Removing the upper rack, Split & fit, Utensil basket – Maytag 6 915928 A User Manual

Page 5: Odds & ends basket

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Removing the Upper Rack

The upper rack can be removed when tall or oversized
items need to be loaded into the lower rack.

Note: Avoid resting items over the center wash tower.

To remove:

• Roll the upper rack 1/3 to 1/2 of the way out.

• Remove the plastic rack stop from the end of each

track. To remove each plastic rack stop, push in-
ward (towards the rack) on the ridged area of the
rack stop. The rack stop will snap open and can be
easily removed by pulling straight out. Take care to
support the track while removing rack stops.

• Roll the rack all the way out of the track and

remove from the dishwasher.

• Reverse the above procedure to replace the upper

rack into the dishwasher.


Split & Fit

Utensil Basket

The split silverware basket can be separated and placed in
several locations in the bottom rack. Hold the basket
firmly along the sides. Follow the unlock direction arrows
imprinted on the basket and slide the basket apart until it
splits into two. Load flatware and utensils into both sec-
tions or just one, depending upon your load.

For best cleaning results, prevent items from nesting
together by placing some items in the basket with han-
dles up and some with handles down. Load knives, han-
dles up, through the slots in the hinged covered sec-
tion(s) (when closed).

Be sure that thin, finely pointed items do not extend
through the basket. This could block the lower wash

Small, lightweight items like baby spoons and plastic
measuring spoons should be placed in the section(s)
with the hinged cover(s).

Odds & Ends Basket

Use this supplemental basket in the upper rack for loading
miscellaneous items and utensils. This is also a safe place
to load sharp knives and pointed items.