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Controls at a Glance



Select Tough Scrub

Plus when washing loads with

hard-to-remove food soils.

Tough Scrub

Plus can be selected with any cycle

(except Rinse Only). Depending on which cycle is
being used, selecting Tough Scrub

Plus adds fills, heat

and/or wash time to the wash cycle.

For baked-on, dried-on soils, select Heavy Wash along with
the Tough Scrub

Plus option. The use of an enzyme deter-

gent (such as Cascade Plus or Electrosol Tabs*) is recom-

Select Sanitize with Auto Clean, Heavy, Normal, or
Light Wash to sanitize dishware. At the end of the cycle,
when the cycle monitor recognizes that the proper condi-
tions have been met, the SANITIZED light illuminates.

Select Extra Rinse to add a rinse to the cycle. An extra
rinse helps to improve results in hard water situations.
The extra rinse is already built into the cycle when Heavy
is selected.

Select Heated Dry to turn on the heating element during
dry for enhanced drying results. When Heated Dry is not
selected, towel drying of some items such as plastic and
teflon may be necessary and more moisture may be noticed
adhering to the dishwasher interior. With either dry option,
it is normal to notice vapor escaping from the door vent.

To drain the dishwasher and then turn it off, press
Drain/Off once. Press Drain/Off twice to turn the dish-
washer off without draining.

Indicator Lights

The SANITIZED light illuminates at the end of the cycle
when conditions have been met to achieve sanitization.

Note: When Sanitize is selected, cycles are monitored to
assure sanitization. Unusually low water temperature will
prevent the sanitization protocol from being satisfied and the
SANITIZED light will not illuminate at the end of the

The CLEAN light illuminates at the end of the cycle and
remains lit until the door has been open for 30 seconds

The DRY light illuminates during the entire dry period
and goes out when the cycle is completed.

The WASH light illuminates during all rinse and wash
portions of the cycle.

The HEATING DELAY light illuminates when the
cycle is being extended to heat the water.

The CLEAN and SANITIZED indicator lights will not re-
illuminate after a power failure until after the next cycle is

Auto Clean
Manufacturer’s recommended cycle choice for all day-
to-day soil types.

Normal dishloads vary from day to day. Auto Clean is
recommended because it adjusts to each load, offering the
best combination of cleaning, energy consumption and
water usage for that load.

Standard cycles:

Heavy Wash
Long cycle for heavy food soils.
Normal Wash
Medium cycle for average food soils.
Light Wash
Short cycle for light food soils.
Rinse Only
Rinses dishes being held until there is a full load.
Controls odors.

Cycle times shown in the numerical display increase
or decrease, based on each load’s soil level, water tem-
perature and selected options.

Water Usage

|—————Auto Clean———————|



Light Heavy


1 Fill 2 Fills 3 Fills 4 Fills 5 Fills

2.1 4.1 6.0 8.0 9.9
gallons gallons gallons gallons gallons

Control panel style may vary by model.

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