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Control Lock Option

The control touchpads can be locked to prevent unwanted
use. If this feature is activated between cycles, the dish-
washer cannot be operated until the controls are unlocked.
If desired, the controls can be locked after a cycle or delay
has started.

Note: This option does not lock the door, only the dish-
washer controls.

Setting the Control Lock:

Press the pad for three seconds.

An indicator light above the pad will illuminate
when the controls are locked.

To Cancel:

Press the pad for three seconds.

The indicator light will go off.

To Cancel a Delay:

Wait at least 2 seconds, then press the Delay/Resume
pad again. The indicator light will go out and the cycle
will start or resume immediately.


Starting The Dishwasher

After loading the dishwasher and adding detergent,
close the dishwasher by pressing the door until the
latch clicks.

To start the dishwasher, firmly press the desired
cycle and options pads. After a pause, the fill will
begin. To prevent unplanned cycle or option
changes, these selections are “locked in” after 1

The indicator lights for the selected cycle and
options will glow.

To cancel an option, press the pad again. To cancel
a cycle, press the Drain/Off pad.

Operating Tips












Adding a Forgotten Item

For best cleaning, the forgotten item should be added early
in the cycle.

Press the Delay/Resume pad or unlatch the door.

Wait for the water circulation to stop.

Open the door and add the item.

Close and latch the door.

• If Delay/Resume was pushed, push it again to

restart the dishwasher.

After five seconds, the cycle resumes automatically at
the point of interruption.



Controls at a Glance





The Delay/Resume option can be used to automatically
start the cycle at a later time, such as during off-peak
hours for reduced energy cost or to reduce daytime heat
buildup in the home.

To Set Up a Delay:

Select the appropriate cycle and options for the load.

Press the Delay/Resume pad until the desired
amount of delay time (1 to 9 hours) is selected. The
delay time will begin counting down when the pad
is released.

The Delay/Resume indicator light will remain lit
until the delay time has counted down.

The cycle will automatically start as soon as the
delay time expires.

Note: If Delay/Resume is chosen without selecting a cycle
and/or options, the dishwasher will select the last cycle
used. (It will not remember the Rinse Only cycle.)





Note: Extended interruption of the wash cycle is not

Note: If a cycle or option pad is pressed after the con-
trols have been locked, the indicator light above the
Control Lock pad will flash five times.

Note: If a cycle or option pad is pressed after the selec-
tions are “locked in”, the indicator light above the
Control Lock pad will flash five times.