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Playing CD-RW discs

This unit can play back the CD-RW (ReWritable) discs as well
as ordinary music CD and CD-R (Recordable) discs.

• The CD-R and CD-RW discs should contain properly-

recorded TOC information so that they can be played back.
With the CD recorder system, writing the TOC information
in a disc is referred to as finalizing the disc. A disc cannot
be recognized as a CD disc and played back unless it has
been finalized properly. For details, please read the
instruction manual provided with a CD recorder.

* TOC stands for Table Of Contents and contains information

such as the total number of tracks and total playing time
of the disc.

• This unit can play only the discs recorded in the CD-DA

format designed for music reproduction. Do not attempt to
play a disc containing other data, such as a CD-ROM for
PCs, on this unit.

• As the playback of a CD-RW disc necessitates partial

change of the player setup, it may take longer time for
reading the TOC information than when a music CD or CD-
R disc is played.

About super audio

The Super Audio standard is based on Direct Stream Digital
(DSD) technology. This new direct-stream digital format
comprises a 1-bit system that has a digital sampling frequency
that is 64 times higher than that of conventional audio CD.
The results are spectacular: a frequency response of over
50k Hz and a 120 dB dynamic range over the entire audible
spectrum. Mixed with as many of the original frequencies as
possible, the audio information audible for human ears sounds
much more natural.
All audible frequencies are, after all, embedded in the
frequency range as emitted by the sound source. A better
reproduction does not exist! For the first time your ears will
relive reality.


Product Features

This unit can playback the outstanding sound performance
in Super Audio CD. This unit has the following unique features.

• D/A converter section that accurately converts DSD/CD

signal into high-quality analog signal with the DEM(Dynamic
Element Matching) Super DAC(CS4397).

• Low-noise low-distortion filter circuit and high-speed current-

feedback-type output amplifier with the differential input type

• Text information display function that can display disc titles,

track titles etc. in Super Audio CD/CDs.

• CD-R/CD-RW discs can be played.

Applicable Discs to the Unit

1. Super Audio CD

There are three types of Super Audio CDs.

Single-layer Disc

Dual-layer Disc

Hybrid-layer Disc

And each type may contain two areas of recorded information.

High quality stereo area

High quality multi-channel area

Single Layer Disc

It can contain both high quality stereo area and high quality
multi-channel area information.

Dual Layer Disc

It can contain both high quality stereo area and high quality
multi-channel area information. And a double amount of
information can be stored on the disc thanks to the second

Hybrid Layer Disc

The hybrid disc may contain not only both information areas
but also a second, standard CD layer, making it playable
on standard CD players.

The number of tracks recorded may vary per layer. It will be
shown on the display window of the unit.

2. Audio CD (CDDA)

Audio CDs contain music tracks only.

SACD Disc Types

Single-layer Disc

Dual-layer Disc

Hybrid-layer Disc

HD layer

HD layer

CD layer

HD layer

Hybrid SACD-Disc


CD layer that plays on any of your
existing CD players

High-Density layer containing:


- High-Quality DSD Stereo


- High-Quality DSD Multi-channel