Preparation, Compact discs – Marantz SA8260 User Manual

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Compact discs

The glossy side shining like a rainbow is the front side of the
disc, and the side on which the label is printed is the back.
Unlike conventional turntables for playing analog discs, the
SA8260 Super Audio CD Player reads the information
recorded on the disc from underneath without contacting it
using a beam of laser light. Therefore, the performance of a
compact disc will not degrade like conventional analog
Handle discs carefully so as not to damage or scratch the
front side.
To protect the disc, avoid placing it in the following locations:

In direct sunlight or near a source of heat like a heater.

In a place which is damp or dirty.

In a place which could be exposed to rain, such as near a

Always keep the disc surface clean.
Up to six billion data units are recorded on the front side of
the disc. When cleaning the disc surface, always be sure to
use a special compact disc cleaner and wipe as shown below.

Do not use conventional record cleaner for analog records,
as this will adversely affect the disc surface.
Store discs properly by placing them in their disc cases.

Do not attach a piece of paper or sticker on the label side
of disc.
When a disc has a piece of plastic tape or rental CD label
with paste protruded from the edge or when a disc has a
trace of such a sticky object, do not attempt to play the
disc. If such a disc is played on the CD player, impossibility
of taking out the disc or other malfunction may result.

Do not use a disc with a special shape.
Do not attempt to play a disc with a special shape such
as a heart-shaped disc or octagonal disc. Otherwise the
equipment malfunction may result.

Wipe in a radial direction.

Do not wipe in circumferential direction.