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MP3 or WMA playback order of MP3 or

WMA fi les

When there are multiple folders containing MP3 or WMA fi les, the
playback order of folders is automatically set when this unit reads the
media. The fi les in each folder are played back in the order in which
the fi les were recorded on the media, from the oldest date and time.


Playback order of folders


For playback of fi les on CD-R or CD-RW , fi les in all folders on the fi rst
layer are played fi rst, next on the second layer, then next on the third
layer, and so on in this order.

USB memory device

For playback of fi les recorded on USB memory device, fi les in the fi rst
folder on the fi rst layer are played fi rst, next folders on the second
layer in the folder, then next on the third layer, and so on in this order.
Then accordingly fi les on another fi rst layer are played.

• The playback order displayed on a PC may differ from the actual

playback order.

• The playback order with a CD-R/CD-RW may differ, depending on

the writing software.


The playback order may differ from the order in which the folders or
fi les were recorded if you delete or add a folder or fi le on USB memory
device. This occurs because of data recording specifi cations and is not
a malfunction.

• Only music fi les that are not copyright-protected can be played on

this unit.

• Be sure to give fi les the extension “.MP3” or “.WMA”. Files with

any other extensions or with no extensions cannot be played.

• In accordance with copyright laws, recordings you have made should

only be used for your personal enjoyment and may not be used in
other ways without permission of the copyright holder.

Playing MP3 and WMA fi les


Load a CD-R or CD-RW disc containing music fi les
in the MP3 or WMA formats into the disc tray.


Press 1.

Playback starts.

Changing the fi le to be played




/6, 7/ 9





, 9


to select the desired fi le.

Switching the Display

During playback, press



The fi le name is displayed only by 8 characters for few second.
The fi le names do not automatically scroll on the display.

Playback of MP3 and WMA fi les

Button located on both the main unit and
the remote control


Button only on the main unit


Button only on the remote control


Symbols used to indicate buttons in this manual


<7 / 9>


<8 / 6>











[8, 9]

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