Turn it on & off, Connect wirelessly, Control your tunes – Motorola MOTOROKR S7-HD User Manual

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turn it on & off

turn it on & off

To turn your headphones on, slide the Power switch to
the ON position. The indicator light flashes blue 3 times
when turned on (or purple when turned off).


Your headphones will not turn on while charging.


connect wirelessly

connect wirelessly

To listen to your music via Bluetooth® wireless
, as well as make and receive handsfree
calls, you need to pair (link) your headphones with your
Bluetooth phone and/or music player.


Turn off any Bluetooth devices previously paired with
your headphones.


Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your Bluetooth
phone or music player.


Turn on your headphones.

The indicator light is steadily lit in blue to indicate the
headphones are in discoverable mode.


Place phone or music player in Bluetooth search

The phone or music player searches for your


Select Motorola S7-HD from the search results on
your phone or music player.


Select OK or Yes to pair your headphones with your
phone or music player.


If prompted, enter 0000 for passkey.


connect wirelessly

When your headphones successfully pair and connect
with your phone or music player, the indicator light
flashes blue and purple. Music playing from your
connected music source is heard on your headphones.


After successfully pairing your headphones and
Bluetooth device, you don’t need to repeat these
steps. For each use, make sure that your
headphones are turned ON, and your device’s
Bluetooth feature is ON.

Some music devices will automatically attempt
to play music when the S7-HD re-connects to it.


control your tunes

control your tunes

Playback controls on your headphones can be used when
listening to wireless music streaming from a
Bluetooth-enabled music player that also provides
remote control capabilities (AVRCP).

When remote control capabilities are not supported by
your music player, the S7-HD simply acts as headphones,
and music should be controlled from your music player.

With some music players, previous track must be rotated
twice to go back to the previous song. Refer to your
music player’s manual for specific music control features.

Press—play/pause music

Press and hold—stop music

Rotate forward and release—skip to next track
Rotate backward and release—skip to previous track
Rotate forward and hold—fast-forward track
Rotate backward and hold—rewind track