While on a call, Make a call, Wear your headphones – Motorola MOTOROKR S7-HD User Manual

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while on a call

When there’s a second incoming call, the indicator light
flashes quickly in blue on your headphones and you hear
an alert.

On most phones, if you end the second call using your
phone or headphones, the call on hold instantly resumes.
If the remote side of the second call ends the call, the
original call remains on hold until you resume the call,
either by pressing and releasing the Call button on your
headphones or by using the phone to resume the call.



answer second call (first call is placed on hold),

2) end second call (first call resumes), or
3) resume first call on hold (when second caller hangs up)

Rotate forward or backward and hold—reject second incoming call*

* If your phone supports this feature


make a call

make a call

Using the headphones to make a call, you can redial the
last dialed number or make a voice dial call (if your phone
supports this feature). When making a voice dial call, the
microphone on the headphones is enabled, and you hear
a prompt from your phone.

Press—make a voice dial call (you hear a
prompt from your phone)
Press and hold—redial last number


wear your headphones

wear your headphones

To wear your headphones, slide the bottom of the clip
above the top of your ear and rotate the clip around ear
until each speaker fits comfortably on each ear. Adjust
the back of the customizable ear clip to fit the shape of
your ear.


check your battery

check your battery

To check your headphone’s battery charge level,
rotate and hold Volume Control Wheel in either direction
and press the Call button. The indicator light displays
charge status until the Volume wheel is released.

When your headphones are in a low battery charge state,
the indicator light flashes quickly in red, and a tone is
repeated every minute.

Indicator Light

Battery Charge Status


Less than 30% charge


Between 30% and 70%


More than 70% charge