Maintenance and problem solving – Interquartz BASIC PHONE 98380 User Manual

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Voice messaging

When used behind a PABX, this telephone will respond to voice messaging
systems on many PABX types, giving a visual signal of a message waiting.
Your telephone manager will be aware of which system is relevant to your
organisation and will adjust or advise you on the adjustment of your
telephone accordingly.

This adjustment is carried out by means of a switch, labelled S1 / S2 / N,
located next to the recall switch, mentioned above. As supplied, the switch
is set to the N ( normal ) position. Under no circumstances should the
switch be set to S1 or S2 without the approval of your telecoms manager.
In either of the S positions, the telephone must NOT be connected directly
to a public network line.

( Technical note : S1 and S2 are for reverse polarity messaging systems.
With such a system in use, if the telephone does not respond in the S1
position, switch it to the S2 position and it should then respond.
Some switches require a certain level of software and / or hardware within
the switch. If your telephone appears not to work, make sure that you
have the correct software / hareware installed ).

6. Maintenance and Problem Solving

Your telephone is a precision electronic instrument. Avoid rough handling
and extreme temperatures.

Use a mild detergent and a damp cloth when cleaning. Never use a
stronger cleaner.

If your telephone does not appear to be working correctly, please check
the following :

No Dialling tone - Is phone cord properly connected to the wall socket?

Will not dial

- Pulse / Tone switch may be set to wrong position.