Warranty and service – Interquartz BASIC PHONE 98380 User Manual

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Will not ring

- Ringer switch is set to off.

- REN number may exceed 4, for all telephones

connected to the line. Disconnect a phone until the
number is below 4.

If there are still problems, and you have more than one telephone :

Remove the "problem" phone. Insert another phone and check that it
works. If "yes" then the "problem" phone is possibly faulty. If not, then
you may have a faulty line. Try using the other socket and see which
phones work. If you do have a faulty line then you should contact your
Network Supplier.

You should however be aware that if you request them to repair a fault
that is found not to be their’s, then they are entitled to charge you for a

In the event that you still have problems then you should consult your

7. Warranty and Service

This product is guaranteed, by Interquartz (UK) Limited, for six years
from the date of manufacture.

Every Interquartz telephone has a unique serial number and part of that
number refers to the date of manufacture. A label, similar to that shown
below is affixed to each telephone



(model no)


The figure 9515 means that the telephone was made during week 15 (10
April) 1995. Under the six year warranty, cover will apply until 10 April

A warranty is designed to cover either manufacturing faults or component
defects. It is not designed to cover fair wear and tear. The Interquartz
warranty is no exception.